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If someone told me a year ago that I will have my own fitness and travel blog I probably wouldn't believe it, even though in the bottom of my heart I was always a semi-blogger. I am and always was very passionate about my travels and always eagerly shared pics from my trips on Facebook and Instagram. In the past I worked as a tour guide and I visited over 60 countries all over the world gaining invaluable experience. Now I travel on an average twice a year plus some weekends getaways, but my trips are still some of the most important aspects of my life. Recently I became very interested and involved in fitness. I've been working out regularly for a few years but only after I discovered and started using the 21 Day Fix portion control meal plan in connection with Beachbody workouts , I noticed tremendous results. I went through quite an amazing body transformation, lost 38 pounds in just 5 months and honestly I have never felt better. I wanted to pay forward and share the knowledge I gained with others and decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach. People often tell me that I inspire them and that I am their motivation to improve themselves. So I thought why not to connect both travel and fitness and create my "Fittraveler4life" blog. My intention is to help people obtain the vacation ready bodies they've always dreamed about and at the same time give them some great travel info , expertise and advice. Most people love to travel, take vacations, or short trips. Very often they feel uncomfortable in their own skin and wish they looked better in those vacation photographs. I believe that I can help them reach their goals by showing them how to follow very simple steps of portion controlled meals and 30 minutes workouts at home So welcome aboard and let's start this fit and healthy journey around the world together!!!

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